Vice-General Manager (Internet Co)


1, according to the group's strategic objectives, the formulation and implementation of the company's strategy, the company's business model, business plan, business plan and work plan;
2, responsible for maintaining good communication with the group, regularly report to the group's business strategy and implementation plan;
3, presided over the company's basic team building, promote key management processes and rules and regulations, timely organization and process optimization;
4, the organization and implementation of the company's overall strategy, explore market opportunities, leading product innovation and change;
5, presided over the company's overall management, organization and implementation of the board resolution;
6, leading the establishment of a sound corporate human resources management system, organization and development of human resources policy;

7, establish and improve the marketing management system, organize the formulation of marketing policy, participate in the company's major marketing contract negotiations, signing.

Job requirements:
1. Master degree or above, major in business administration, administration or related;
2, more than 10 years of business management experience, at least 5 years of experience in the same position or above, IT management experience, or IT company is preferred;
3, the enterprise management and other related training
4, familiar with IT business and operational processes, master advanced enterprise management model, with advanced management concepts;
5, with excellent leadership skills, excellent interpersonal and social activities, good professionalism and professional ethics, there is a strong appeal and appeal.
Resume mail:
Resume mail :
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