IR Specialist


1, maintain and coordinate the existing fund LP relationship, mining and service LP;
2, the system development, the creation of new investors, the establishment of the company's investment management system;
3, to assist the company to raise funds for various types of funds (customer resource development, fund roadshow, etc.);
4, the person in charge of the online activities planning and implementation of investors, the organization of investors under the line salon, investor conference and other activities;
5, coordinate and manage investor relations, coordinate internal and external resources to provide value-added services for investors;
6, responsible for the investment to investors after the disclosure of information on a regular basis for investor feedback, tracking, and timely excavation of the needs and views of investors;
7, assist in the management of the company, investors and government agencies to maintain the relationship;
8. Assist in capital market research;

9, assume other investor relations management.

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in economics, finance, accounting, business administration, marketing, Internet, etc.;
2, have a strong sense of customer and customer sensitivity, attention to detail and process;
3, more than one year related work experience;
4, with good communication and coordination ability and team spirit; have strong independent thinking, analysis, problem solving ability;
5, language, written expression ability; PPT proficiency; English level is preferred;
6, honest, cheerful personality, strong sense of responsibility, good execution.
Resume mail:
Resume mail :
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