Business Introduction

Excellent mobile advertising trading platform FMOBI (that is, updated version of Sent Shown).
FMOBI is China’s leading third-party advertising trading platform created by the Falcon team. Carrying a huge amount of quality traffic, and based on big data analysis and real-time information processing, it can provide various user image labels and precise orientation, which provides advertisers with efficient, convenient and audience-accurate one-stop digital marketing services, and realizes more intelligent ad matching and efficient advertising resources use.

Falcon NetworkGo to subsidiary

      Established in 2011, Shanghai Falcon Network Co., Ltd. (referred to as Falcon Network) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Genimous Technology (SZ.000676). Falcon Network is headquartered in Shanghai with R&D centers in Beijing and Shenzhen respectively. After years perseverance, Falcon Network has become the leading domestic large-scale mobile advertising technology company driven by large data, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Through the effective integration of a large number of high-quality media resources and the company's self-developed mobile products, the company managed to construct unique closed-loop ecological chain mobile end traffic.

      The members in the core team of Falcon Network are from Tencent, Baidu, Ali, Huawei and other well-known enterprises; the average industry experience of manage members is more than 10 years; the team is mainly made up of developers. Relying on the long-term strategic planning, rich industry experience, young and dynamic R&D team, and the ultimate, innovative, efficient team culture, Falcon network will forge ahead, continuous innovate and strive to create ultimate business value for users and partners.

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