Genimous Technology Co., Ltd


     Genimous Technology Co., Ltd(000676.SZ, hereinafter referred as “listed company”or “Genimous Technology”) was established and listed on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in December 1996.      

     The listed company's main business is the aggregation and operation of mobile Internet traffic. As a mobile Internet traffic company with the Trinity of mobile Internet traffic portal, operating platform, the monetization channel, Genimous Technology, on the one hand, with the use of mobile Internet traffic import assets, realized the aggregation of fragmented and scenario traffic in the mobile Internet intra-industry through the domestic mobile platform, the third party mobile platform and the Spigot offshore traffic portal. On the other hand, through the integration and upgrading Felon Network’s subsidiary company, Sent Shown Platform and overseas Spigot traffic management platform, Genimous Techology efficiently and systematically manages its natural traffic, makes it transfer into the traffic with high commercial value, export to domestic companies with strong business realization channels, including the Falcon Network (including the subsidiary company Fantasy, etc.), iFusion and Spigot, etc., and then precisely distribute to advertising, games and electricity and other industries advertisers or developers, to create more than high commercial value, and to effectively achieve the traffic monetization.

     Genimous Technology has two complete mobile Internet traffic management systems, comprising a domestic one and an overseas one. The domestic system will focus on the integrated Falcon mobile original advertising platform (FMOBI), and the overseas system will take Spigot's traffic management platform as the core. In terms of the side of the mobile Internet traffic ecosystem architecture, the ecosystem consists of three aspects: the traffic portal platform, the traffic management platform, and the business monetization channel.

     Although the subsidiaries of Genimous Technology expertise in the same area of mobile Internet, they provide different focus for business level. As self-owned mobile Internet traffic portal platform, Falcon Network, App China and Spigot focus on bringing plenty of high-quality own traffic through the user scale advantages and industrial influences accumulated by themselves, while as commercial monetization channel, Falcon Network (and its subsidiary Fantasy, etc.) and iFusion Information focus on the realization of high-quality traffic commercial monetization through their accumulation of advertisers, game developers and other resources.

    In the course of business operation, the four companies play their respective strengths, making the industrial chain of mobile Internet traffic aggregation and operation more obvious with the Trinity of mobile Internet traffic portal, operating platform and the commercial monetization channel.

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